Autocamp Razvrsje

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My firm is called "Razvrsje" after the place where I live and accordingly my camp and apartments bear this name. Camps and Apartments are located not far from the city center of Zabljak. There are two option concerning roads with which to reach the center of the City. One way, a shortcut is 800 meters from the Center of the City, and the other way which is better, and easier but a little bit longer directly from the center of the City. It is located in one of the most attractive places in whole Zabljak closely surrounded with forests of various types and the view is absolutely stunning since you can see the Mountains massive as well as meadows, and is very close to the most famous lake existing in Montenegro "Black lake".


I am very happy with the service and the natural environment that provides camping Razvršje. When deciding we were a little unsure but upon arrival it was evident that he made a good choice. We will surely come back again.

David Crane

I am a great friend of the family with Mischa Voinovich and every year my family comes from Belgrade on vacation in the beautiful nature of Zabljak and the environment. Miso offers hospitality without reserve, honestly and with whole heart.

Petar Petrović



Within the camp there is a car-parking for cars and buses. A dozen places were set tables, chairs and benches and there are also two designated areas for guests in case of rain.


Within the camp there is a place for campfire and benches for seating. The camp has modern bathrooms. Each bathroom has its own water heater, shower, toilet and bidet.